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site offers the crow hunting aficionado a variety of binoculars, and hunting gear as well as other links and articles helpful in busting crows, and acquiring crow decoys, crow calls, crow videos and learning about crow seasons.

Crows are large passerine birds that include the genus Corvus. Ranging in size from the relatively small pigeon-sized jackdaws to the Common Raven and Thick-billed Raven. There is about 40 or so members of this bird type and they can be found in all temperate continents, (except South America), and several offshore and oceanic islands (including Hawaii).

In literary or colloquial terms, the collective noun for a group of crows is a "murder." Groups of ravens have also been known to be called an "unkindness." However, in practice, most people use the more generic term “flock”, and sometimes more macabre terms such as "swarm" or "horde."

Crows are very intelligent but highly scorned and hated. They rob nests of young songbirds, scaring away other birds, being too loud with their "caws" etc.

Crows form strong family units by helping one another even during nesting, while foraging for food, one crow may stand guard as a lookout while the others feed.

Crows are extremely adaptable, learning to live in a variety of habitats, even with mankind.

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